Goddard and Nordberg Claim HOKA Runaway Sydney Half Marathon Titles

5 May 2024
Goddard and Nordberg Claim HOKA Runaway Sydney Half Marathon Titles

Ed Goddard and Abigail Nordberg have claimed the men’s and women’s titles at the HOKA Runaway Sydney Half Marathon.

Almost 17,000 runners flocked to the streets of Sydney to take part in either the half marathon or 10km events. The event is Australia’s largest half marathon, with an additional 5,000 runners taking part compared to last year.

There were plenty of smiles from happy runners working their way around the picturesque course which took in the highlights of Sydney, with thousands of spectators cheering them on to create an incredible atmosphere.

Runaway Sydney Half Marathon defending champion Ed Goddard crossed the line after 21.1km in 01:05:43 to win back-to-back titles. He held a consistent lead throughout the race and finished ahead of Matt Smith (01:08:28) and Matthew Cox (01:09:20).

Goddard, who was the pre-race favourite, finished comfortably and barely out of breath.

“I went out hard, got a gap early which was what I wanted and then got to roll by myself, listen to music and feel good,” said Goddard. “It was a bit slippery around some of the corners but honestly running that time over the hills and the rain, I’ll take that any day.

“My favourite way to race is to go out hard and get a gap, you can sort of control the race pretty well that way. Last year I didn’t go out as hard and Ben (St Lawrence) stuck with me for 14km. So this year, the first kilometre, I just sort of cranked it up the hill, got a big gap and honestly it worked perfectly.

“It doesn’t get any better than running a race around the streets of Sydney – it’s the nicest city in the world. I’ve race all around the world and this is probably the nicest course you’re going to get!”

Abigail Nordberg was the first woman across the half marathon finish line in a time of 01:14:35, ahead of Eloise Wellings (01:15:11) and Lauren Reid (01:16:02).

This is only Nordberg’s third half marathon and the first since the birth of her second child. Nordberg, Wellings, Reid and Rebecca Lowe were part of a tight group in the first half of the race.

“We had a really good pack of four girls and we just sat in and Eloise and Lauren did most of the work. We were with a bunch of boys as well, so it was really nice and just cruisy for the first 10 kilometres,” said Nordberg. “Slowly, Eloise and I started to pick it up and make a bit of a gap and about the 16 or 17 kilometre mark I gapped a little bit on Eloise and then just tried to stay strong and the weather held out.

“I’ve only ever done two half marathons before this and this race was my first ever two years ago – it’s fun to be back,” she said. “Our whole pack of four (runners) we’re all second mums if not third, so it’s doable. It’s hard to juggle and I got injured coming back. You have to be grateful when you get success and I’m so happy for today.”

Almost 17,000 runners took part in Sunday’s event, including those taking part on the 10km course.

Germany’s Johannes Motschmann crossed the 10km finish line first in 00:31:58 ahead of Lachlan Stanfield (00:33:01) and Maxy Letten (00:33:06). Motschmann took part in Runaway Sydney after finishing ninth at the London Marathon two weeks ago.

Motschmann took a tumble early in the race, falling in a rain puddle on the roadway under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Having raced steeplechase in his college athletics career, Johannes wasn’t fazed by the mishap.

“It was a 180 degree turn and I went a bit too fast and there was a massive puddle I stepped in but I didn’t know it was that deep, so I fell into it and I made a splash,” said Motschmann. “I got up quickly, it was a good adrenaline rush and I kept going.

“I started out pretty fast and dropped the other guys but they stayed behind and up close and I have a lot of respect for them. It’s such a hilly course but overall I’m pretty happy with my time,” he said. “Amazing race, amazing scenery, what a course - I loved it. I was surprised to see so many people cheering this early in the morning!”

The women’s 10km was won by Ella Boudakin in a time of 00:40:14, followed by Greta Truscott (00:40:35) and Niamh Quinn (00:41:46). The tight pack changed lead several times throughout the course and discussion after the finish was about who was ahead at various stages of the race.

“Everyone was tick-tacking at different points of the race, there were a couple of hills where people were in front who’d been in behind and it was a very competitive race,” said Boudakin.

Boudakin, who is preparing for an ultra-marathon race, was treating the 10km as a lead-up race and took the wet conditions in her stride.

“We all love to run, so rain, hail or shine, we’re all going to be here,” she said.

The HOKA Runaway Sydney Half Marathon joins three incredible destination running events across Australia and New Zealand as part of the Runaway Marathon Series. The Runaway Marathon Series takes runners to Queenstown and Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand and Noosa in Queensland, all destinations where natural beauty, world class running, local hospitality and food and wine options make for so much more than just another running event.

HOKA Runaway Sydney Half Marathon – Men’s Results
1. Edward Goddard – 1:05:43
2. Matt Smith – 1:08:28
3. Matthew Cox – 1:09:20
4. Keith Macpherson – 1:09:25
5. Matt Gore – 1:09:57
6. Yusuke Shibuya – 1:11:00
7. Lachlan Bryant – 1:11:29
8. James Penny – 1:12:01
9. Luke Smith – 1:12:08
10. Clement Durance – 1:12:15

HOKA Runaway Sydney Half Marathon – Women’s Results
1. Abigail Nordberg – 1:14:35
2. Eloise Wellings – 1:15:11
3. Lauren Reid – 1:16:02
4. Rebecca Lowe – 1:16:02
5. Sophie Malowiecki – 1:17:25
6. Jemma Griffin – 1:17:55
7. Alice Daniel – 1:19:15
8. Alexandra Barnes – 1:20:40
9. Katie Mahoney – 1:21:01
10. Tara Prowse – 1:21:08

HOKA Runaway Sydney 10km – Men’s Results
1. Johannes Motschmann – 31:58
2. Lachlan Stanfield – 33:01
3. Maxy Letten – 33:06
4. Nick Watson – 34:35
5. Oli Lawler – 35:30
6. Maxime Dupont – 36:51
7. Paul Cores – 38:16
8. Lachlan Horlyck – 38:24
9. Connor Overton – 38:49
10. Brian Brady – 39:03

HOKA Runaway Sydney 10km – Women’s Results
1. Ella Boudakin – 40:14
2. Greta Truscott – 40:35
3. Niamh Quinn – 41:46
4. Katrina Byrne – 41:54
5. April Rose – 42:16
6. Niamh Connolly – 42:26
7. Matilda Donkin – 44:42
8. Bec Myers – 44:47
9. Tessa Aukje – 45:08
10. Sacha Wallace – 45:13

Sun, 5 May 2024