Road Closures

Roads along and surrounding the event course from the Sydney CBD to Pyrmont will start closing from 2am and may affect how you travel if you’re driving or catching a bus into the city for the event. See the interactive map or download the PDF maps for reference. For details of local traffic access arrangements see below. 

Major road closures:

  • Cahill Expressway from 4am to 11.30am: The Cahill Expressway Circular Quay Overpass will be closed.
    o Motorists travelling toward the Eastern Distributor or the Eastern Suburbs should use the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.  
  • Western Distributor from 5am to 9:30am: the Western Distributor from Pyrmont to the CBD including Fig St, Pyrmont St and Market St on-ramps and King St and Harris off-ramps will be closed.
    o Motorists travelling citybound on the Anzac Bridge will be detoured via the Bathurst Street off-ramp to rejoin the Harbour Bridge. There will be no direct access from the Anzac Bridge to the Sydney Harbour Bridge until 9.30am.
    o  Access to the Anzac Bridge from the CBD is via the Druitt St on-ramp or from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Harbour St.

Other key closures:

  • Sydney CBD from 2.00am to 2:00pm: Macquarie St between Hunter St and St James Rd, College St between Park St and Prince Albert Rd, St James Rd and Prince Albert Rd at Hyde Park (event finish line).
    o Macquarie St will reopen southbound only from Hunter St to St James Rd/Elizabeth St at 12.30pm
  • Sydney CBD - 4am - 11:30am: Cahill Expressway Circular Quay Overpass, Macquarie St between Albert St and Bent St, Bridge St between Phillip St and Macquarie St, Conservatorium Rd and Kent St northbound from Margaret St to Argyle St.
    o Motorists can cross Macquarie St at Shakespeare Place & Bent St before 5.30am and after 11am. After 11am no access to or from Macquarie St. Access to the Eastern Distributor will be available via William St.
  • Circular Quay - 4.00am to 9:30am:  Bridge St from Phillip St to Young St, Bridge St eastbound from Pitt St to Phillip St, Phillip St (South of Bridge St) and Phillip Lane. 
  • Pyrmont & King St Wharf - 5am - 9:30am: Western Distributor from Pyrmont to the city, sections of Union St, Murray St, Pyrmont St, Darling Drive and surrounding local roads. Sussex St from Napoleon St to King St and Erskine St between Shelley St and Kent St will also be closed.
    o Motorists travelling citybound on the Anzac Bridge will be detoured via the Bathurst Street off-ramp to rejoin the Harbour Bridge, no direct access from the Anzac Bridge to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Motorists in Pyrmont travelling to the city, or the Harbour Bridge will be diverted via Harris St and local roads. 
  • Pyrmont - 5am to 10am: Pirrama Rd from Harris St to Darling Island Rd, Bowman St, Refinery Drive, Harris St and surrounding local roads.
  • Millers Point & Barangaroo from 5.00am to 11am: Hickson Rd/Sussex St from Napoleon St to the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Towns Pl, Dalgety Rd, Pottinger St, Windmill St and Watson Rd. 
  • The Domain from 5.00am to 12pm: dHospital Rd, Art Gallery Rd, Mrs Macquaries Rd and St Marys Rd

The HOKA Runaway Sydney Half Marathon 2024 Road Closure Map are available to download below or visit for the full details.

All maps subject to change

View 2024 Interactive Map

Local Traffic Access Arrangements

Circular Quay

  • Access will be managed under traffic control to properties on Albert St, Macquarie St (North of Albert St) and Phillip Lane throughout the closures for local residents/hotel guests only. Entry via Bridge St and Loftus St. Exit via Young St and Bridge St
  • Access for local residents and hotel guests on Pitt St only will be maintained via Bridge St eastbound and Loftus St.

Sydney Hospital & Hospital Rd

  • From 5am to 12pm: Two-way access to Hospital Rd via Shakespeare Place only under traffic control. No access from St Marys Rd.

King St Wharf and Barangaroo South

  • Access to and from King St Wharf, Cockle Bay Wharf and Barangaroo will be restricted to tenants/residents only and managed via Wheat Rd under traffic control between 6am and 9.30am. No access via Erskine St or Sussex St.
    o Entry: via Harbour St continue Western Distributor northbound veer left into Wheat Rd at the signposted exit for Erskine St / CBD North
    o Exit: Light vehicles will be able to exit the precinct via Wheat Rd southbound under two-way traffic control. Vehicles over 7 metres (including trucks, buses and coaches) will be unable to use the managed exit and will need to remain within the precinct until Erskine St reopens at 9.30am.
  • Before and after these times access is maintained via Erskine St at Kent St. We strongly advise motorists to avoid non-essential travel to or from these precincts between 6am and 9.30am as delays are expected.

Millers Point & Barangaroo North

  • Managed access for Kent St properties as far north as Argyle St and High St will be maintained by traffic control at the Margaret St intersection for the duration of the event. Kent St southbound exit allowed for local traffic only.
  • From 9am to 11am only, access to Barangaroo Reserve & car park, Dalgety Rd and Bettington St will be available, entry via Kent St, High St, Argyle Pl, and Dalgety Rd.

The Rocks & Dawes Point local access:

  • Access is maintained via Lang St and Harrington St throughout the event.


  • Murray St properties between Union St and Pyrmont St, and Wilson Parking 100 Murray St:
    o between 5am and 9.30am access to and from properties/hotels on Murray St and surrounding local roads will be permitted under traffic control via Darling Drive for light vehicles and coaches only (trucks not permitted). Note, coaches can only turn around via hotel driveways.
  • The Star: between 5am and 10.30am access to and from The Star car park is via Pyrmont St only
  • Refinery Dr: Refinery Dr will be closed from 5am to 10am with exit permitted via Tambua St before 6:15am and after 9:15am only at Police discretion when there are safe gaps between runners. If you need access to your vehicle/property during these times, please plan ahead and relocate your vehicle prior.
  • Pyrmont St properties between Bunn St and Murray St: exit from driveways permitted throughout event under traffic control.
  • Wharf 7 and 10: From 5am to 10.30am, no access from/to Pirrama Rd from Wharf 7 and Wharf 10 access roads

Cycleway closures

  • College St between Park St and St Mary’s Rd – 2am to 2pm
  • King St between Phillip St Sth and Macquarie St - 5am to 11:30am
    o No access to Macquarie St from King St Cycleway
  • King St between Kent St and Sussex St – 5am to 9:30am
  • Union St between Edward St and Murray St - 5am to 9:30am

Cyclist detours from 6am-11am Sydney Harbour Bridge: Cycling detours will be in place between Kent St cycleway and the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway, via Observatory Hill. Marshals will be on site to direct cyclists across Upper Fort St in both directions when safe gaps between runners are available. Alternatively, cyclists can travel between Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway and Sydney CBD via Cumberland St.

Sun, 4 May 2025