Start Process


Anyone needing to drop their bag off on the morning, please do so at Hyde Park prior to heading to your start wave – there will be NO bag drop facility at the start line. Please allow 15 minutes to walk from Hyde Park to
your start area.

We advise people where possible to pre-drop their bags at Expo from 7am – 6pm on Friday 3 May and between 8am and 4pm on Saturday 4 May.


Toilets will be located outside Circular Quay and on Philip St (between Bent St & Bridge St). Allow time to use these prior to lining up for your race start.

Look out for Information Staff at the entrance to each start group to answer any questions you may have.

Start Wave Access

  • Access for all waves from Hyde Park and Martin Place is via Macquarie St (stay on the Western side of the road as you head North to avoid being on the course which is on the Eastern side).
  • Access to Red, Green and Yellow Starts from Circular Quay Ferry stop, Train Station or Light Rail is via Phillip St, then onto Bridge St or Bent St.
  • Access to Blue Start from Circular Quay Ferries/Trains or Light Rail is via Albert St.

Please note the arrival times listed for arrival for your start wave. Please ensure you have dropped your bag (if you are planning to on the morning) and used the toilets prior to this time.

Half Marathon

Start WaveArrival TimeStart Time
Elite & Red Elite: 6:20am - Red: 6:25am Elite: 6:50am - Red: 6:51am
Green 6:30am 7:07am
Blue 7:00am 7:37am
Yellow 7:30am 8:08am


Start WaveArrival TimeStart Time
Elite & Red Elite: 5:50am - Red: 6:00am Elite: 6:25am - Red: 6:25am
Green 6:00am 6:26am
Blue 6:00am 6:29am
Yellow 6:00am 6:33am

Start Zones

Race Day Checklist

  • Your race number (and pins to attach it).
  • Extra clothing if you wish to use bag drop. 
  • Weather appropriate clothing, plus sunscreen and cap.
  • Please ensure you have completed the back of your race number with your name, any medical conditions and a contact name and phone number (other than your own or someone else running) in case of emergency.
  • Please pin your race number to the front of your shirt and make sure it is clearly visible. You must not use someone else’s number, nor let someone else use yours.
  • Your race number carries your disposable timing chip which is your unique timing device for the race. You must wear your race number to be classified as a starter and a finisher of the race and have your time recorded. Timing chips do not need to be returned.
  • This is a fully supported event with Aid stations, so you do not need to carry a hydration pack unless you want to. The course is all on-road, so road running shoes should be worn.

Course Cut offs



Start Line 8:30am
King St On ramp Western Distributor 8:55am
Pyrmont Bridge Rd/Murray St Outbound 9:10am
Pirrama Rd Drink Station 9:20am
Barangaroo path exit/Towns Place 10:20am
Hickson and Pottinger St 10:30am
Argyle St/Watson Rd 10:35am
Cahill Expressway/Macquarie St 10:55am
Finish Line 11:30am




Due to course management and road closure restrictions there are cut-off points. Runners must be able to maintain a pace of 9:15min/km or better to make key course cut off points along course. 

Race Rules

Health and safety

In the interest of providing a safe and enjoyable event experience for all entrants, please take in to account the following;

  • Keep to the left of the course to allow people to pass on the right
  • Be courteous to your fellow participants at all times
  • Please obey instructions from race officials, volunteers, Police and traffic management at all times.
  • Do not compete if you have been sick or have had a viral infection in the 2 weeks prior to race day.
  • No pets, strollers, pushed wheelchairs, bicycles, scooters, hand cycles, skateboards, roller blades or drones are permitted.
  • Include emergency contact details on the back of your Race Bib, this will ensure event organisers can get in contact with your emergency contact if necessary.
  • All participants must be wearing the correct race number to ensure that we have the correct medical and emergency details if an incident were to occur.
  • Please refrain from using headphones. The use of headphones while participating have inherent risks and as such IRONMAN Group discourages their use by participants.

Important Medical and Health Information

  • Your safety is our primary concern. The medical team will be staffing the medical facilities at Hyde Park North and Queens Square. Medical resources will be available while you are out on course at every aid station. along with bicycle emergency response teams and mobile medical squads.
  • If you are not feeling well on race morning, we strongly advise you not to start the event.
  • If you start to feel unwell at any point during the race, we urge you to seek help rather than continue.



If at any time during the race you experience chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath, lightheadedness (dizziness), numbness around the mouth or in hands, difficulty concentrating, or stop sweating please stop immediately and seek medical attention.

  • During the run: If you are at an aid station, let someone know you are in need of medical help. If you are not at or near an aid station – STOP – let someone know you need medical help. Anyone can help - another participant, a volunteer, a staff vehicle, event support vehicle; even a spectator. Have them alert the nearest aid station or staff member that you need medical assistance. Make sure you provide your bib number to initiate your care.
  • Helping another runner– if a fellow runner needs help, please use the same steps listed above to help get the runner medical assistance. Make sure to provide the bib number of the runner in need of help.
  • After you have finished the race, please do not leave the post-race area until you are able to drink without vomiting, stand without dizziness and feel okay. If you are not feeling well, please come to the event medical tent to be evaluated by the medical team before leaving the post-race area.

Manage your Health and Safety on Race Day – Race Healthy, Race Smart



Overall distance placings will be based on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Male and Female runner across the Finish Line.

All timing results will be available online by age group category and will be based on participant's mat time.

Timing mats will be located at all start lines and at the finish line. Additionally, all runners will receive a split time at various points throughout the course. These will be updated with precise locations closer to the event date.

Disposable timing chips are attached to the back of your race number and will record your time. Timing chips do not need to be returned.

We will also have an Event Mobile App that will include an athlete tracker so you can follow your friends results on the day.

Sydney Half content running group females happy smiles2

Sydney Half content fan club signs cheer squad friends


There will be a baggage service available to all runners and all bags will be available for collection in Hyde Park North. You can drop it off pre-event at Expo at Cathedral Square or on Race Day at Hyde Park North.

You will be provided a mesh bag - all bags must be accompanied by the race number gear tag available at Baggage. Please ensure your race bag has the gear tag attached before you drop it off at the designated baggage area.

No personal bags will be accepted (backpacks, purses, handbags).

With the expected rainy conditions on race day, please bring a CLEAR plastic bag to have your items in.

What should I put in my bag?

Only individual items may be placed in the bag i.e. change of clothes, lightweight jacket, water bottle, snacks. 

Do not leave valuables such as wallets, keys or phones as no responsibility will be taken for valuables or items that are lost or damaged.

 The following items are not permitted: 

  • Alcohol, Cans, glass bottles and containers with liquids greater than 100ml which are not clear and visible to see -through (E.g water bottles/sports drinks are permitted in clear plastic container)
  • Pads/tablets, laptops/personal computers or any mobile phone/device measuring greater than 170mm diagonally
  • Aerosol canisters
  • Knives, weapons, scissors, firearms, weapons, fireworks
  • Any item that event staff considers offensive, dangerous, hazardous and/or illegal or that could be used as a weapon or a missile, or that may compromise or interfere with the enjoyment, comfort or safety of any person

Baggage Service

Runaway Sydney Sports Expo, St Mary's Cathedral Square College Street, Sydney Friday 3 May 7:00am -6:00pm
 Runaway Sydney Sports Expo, St Mary's Cathedral Square College Street, Sydney Saturday 4 May 8:00am - 4:00pm
 Hyde Park North, Sydney  Sunday 5 May 5:30am - 12:00pm

Please ensure you use the baggage service available and do not leave any bags within Hyde Park or on the Streets of Sydney as this is a security risk.

Baggage Collection

You will need to have your Race Bib to verify the collection of your bag. All bags must be collected by 12:00pm from Hyde Park North. Any remaining after this time will be kept in the IRONMAN office for 2 weeks awaiting collection, before being donated to charity. Contact Us

Aid Stations

Each distance event will be well supported with Aid stations located across the course for all distances, approximately every 3-4km.

Aid stations will provide water, toilet facilities and first aid. Exact locations will be confirmed soon. 

Aid station locations can be found on our course maps.






Looking to race a personal best time? Sydney Striders will be on course pacing the below times on the course to help guide you to reach your goal time! Look out for them at the start area on race day - they’ll be wearing their pacing flags!

Half Marathon

  • 1h20mins - Cameron Arnold and Pat McNamara
  • 1h25mins - Leo Kukarin and Stuart Donaldson
  • 1h30mins - Nick Spanner and James Hewat
  • 1h35mins - John Chan and Zalman Ratzemore
  • 1h40mins - Eddie Guo and Martin Harris
  • 1h50mins - Dennis Mentzines and Akiko Akashi
  • 2hours - Angela Cheung and Amy Cheung
  • 2h10mins - Tarun Devnani and Cass Garlick
  • 2h20mins - Breck Thomas and Digby Hughes


  • 40mins - Tim Mathas  and David Criniti
  • 45mins - Michael Fortune and Adam Weale
  • 50mins - Miles Fowlds and Caitlin Fowlds
  • 55mins - Goji Enomotor and Louise Cox
  • 60mins - Evnike Yardley and Gill Cavenagh
  • 1h05mins - Scott Kennedy and Jo Tornatore-Gallo
  • 1h10mins - Hei Yan and Megan Sullivan

 We’ll also have Sweepers on course to assist our back of pack runners to avoid course cut-off times. 




HOKA Runaway Sydney Half Marathon recognises the environmental impact from its operations in the City of Sydney, Barangaroo, The Rocks and Royal Botanic Gardens. Its surrounding harbour can have both positive and negative effects environmentally, economically and socially.

We encourage our staff and volunteers to maintain a commitment to environmental responsibility throughout our daily operations and ask the same of our athletes, service providers, partners, suppliers, and contractors.

In conjunction with Closed Loop, we aim to reduce our environmental impact by diverting our waste from landfill through sorting waste onsite into several waste streams to ensure the waste is correctly processed post event.

Due to recent developments and advice from the EPA, we are now transitioning from the use of biodegradable cups to paper SimplyCups which will be recycled into reusable products after being sorted on-site post event.

HOKA Runaway Sydney Half Marathon will continue to take a sustainable approach in our activities and ensure we are diverting waste from landfill as well as educating the public on sustainable practices.



Facts from the 2022 event:

  • 10,000 reusable bungees were used instead of zip ties
  • Over 110,000 recyclable cups were used at the event 
  • The event achieved a waste diversion of 81.1%


Sydney Half content pano location harbour bridge lone runner



Sun, 4 May 2025